Our Culture

At Marque Engineering, we educate young engineers to facilitate growth both professionally and regionally. We invest in our staff, work on exciting projects, and share fun moments along the way.

Partnership with the
University of Cincinnati

At Marque Engineering, we partner with local universities to host students for their internship program requirements. We invest in the students’ experience with the firm, providing the interns’ opportunity to experience real-world projects and work experience.

Intern Life At Marque

See what our interns have to say about developing their careers at Marque Engineering.

Jacob Yocum


Working as an Electrical Engineer at Marque Engineering, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn and practice something that isn’t taught in the classroom. I enjoyed the trustworthiness Marque Engineering gave me as it was great to have the opportunity to work on projects that were going to be applied out in the real world. I have gained so much knowledge on the MEP components of designing a great project and can use these skills anywhere.

Zach Franxman


Marque Engineering is a bit different than most companies, they are a tight-knit small company. They have a very friendly atmosphere and everyone there is willing to help you out. Marque has helped me learn design software that I did not know previously specifically Revit, AutoCAD, and BlockLoad. On the mechanical team, we often have all different types of outing, we go to different sporting events together (Cyclones, Reds, Pacers), we will have a mechanical team lunch once a month, or if we are lucky, we will sometimes have different lunch-and -learns from one of our different reps. I have defiantly enjoyed my time working at Marque Engineering.

Evan Gramke


Marque was my first internship experience and it was a great learning experience. I had some experience in the software used, mainly Revit and AutoCAD, so I was put right to work. Every step of the way, whenever I encountered a new type of project or had any questions, there were always plenty of people to help me out and explain everything to me. I also gained real work experience while working on a variety of new projects each week. I really enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t stuck doing some menial job for my internship, I was given real projects to work on. In addition, I gained experience and communication skills through talking with reps from other companies to help further our projects here at Marque. I am very excited to start working on my next term with the company.

Evan Duffy


My time spent at Marque was a fantastic learning experience- I got to experience a multitude of different types of projects, and I was able to work in a different part of the engineering and construction industry than I had previously experienced. Beyond what I learned from an academic standpoint, I truly feel that I was accepted into another family at Marque. It was a great atmosphere to learn in, one that I actually looked forward to being in every day.

Sean Campbell


Marque Engineering provided an excellent work environment that really promoted teamwork and learning. I felt very engaged with the work I was doing because I was not only progressing the company’s goals, but also learning new engineering skills with every project. The best part of my time at Marque Engineering was the sense of camaraderie that was developed among everyone I worked with. Marque uses the co-op programs of universities to welcome young talent into the field and give them opportunities to gain valuable work experience.

Jonathan Finn


As a marketing intern at Marque Engineering, I had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of areas in marketing. I was able to apply the things I learned in the classroom and use them in real world scenarios. My peers empowered me with responsibilities that ultimately helped me to learn and grow. I felt that my work was making a difference in the success of the company which is a great feeling. Throughout the process, the team was very welcoming from the moment I started and was always willing to lend a helping hand. 

Max Rose


Interning at Marque Engineering has been the highlight of my college career. There is always something new to learn and new problems to solve each and every day. I have had experience in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering. Not only did I enjoy the work, but the people are nothing but kind and helpful. They have helped me with any problem I couldn’t solve on my own and they make going to work enjoyable. They truly prepare you for the workforce.

Thomas Mayborg


Marque Engineering is a great company to work for. It’s not the biggest company and I believe that is a strength in the industry. You get to know and become friends with everyone. This helps when it comes to working on projects. You feel more comfortable working with your peers and when you’re more of a shy person like me, it is easier to talk to them. Whenever I have questions or need help with something, everyone is willing to stop what they are doing to help you. This place has helped me learn a lot about the AEC industry.

Morgan Dailey


My first internship was with Marque Engineering. I really enjoyed the small company atmosphere and I’ve been fortunate to return for more internship rotations. I’ve learned so much about the MEP industry and enjoy the fast-paced work. I’ve learned new skills, like AutoCAD and Revit while working here. I would strongly recommend interning at Marque Engineering to anyone interested in MEP design work!

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