01 Mar, 2021

Marque Introduces Creative Designs at Buffalo Wings and Rings

Buffalo Wings and Rings Rendering
01 Mar, 2021

Over the past few years, Marque Engineering has been involved in several projects that introduce creative designs and new concepts to different markets nationwide.

Recently, Marque was pleased to deliver the engineering design for the brand-new Buffalo Wings and Rings in Milford, Ohio. After months of consumer research, the restaurant chain is introducing a new idea called the “huddle design” that will change the customer’s experience.

A huddle design is a smaller design concept for a restaurant chain with features similar to their “main” design. Huddle designs usually consist of a smaller dining area, so there is room for a carryout space. To accommodate the new design, Marque engineers designed the mechanical engineering in narrower spaces than they typically would.

The restaurant, which will be 5,000 square feet, includes many unique features such as 40 HD flat-screens, 6 booths with built-in televisions, an outdoor patio, foosball tables, and other games for customer enjoyment.

But unlike many restaurants, it will also offer many different types of experiences based on the people you customers are with. Customers can choose between the traditional, full-service experience, the bar experience, or the hang-out zone, referred to as the “beer-me” area.

Additionally, there will be a separate area of the restaurant strictly for contactless valet and carryout orders. This enables customers to have more options for ordering food and enables employees to stay a safe distance from those that are dining in.

This particular Buffalo Wings and Rings is the first “fourth-generation” sports restaurant. Marque Engineering has designed many similar restaurants with this design and hopes to continue to design work in this industry.